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Welcome! This site is still under construction

User Instructions

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Access your Data

You can filter data in the Home page, which can be accessed from the top bar. First you should restrict the datasets

in the sidebar by using the filter menu. Please note, that only meta information for data you are allowed to access

is visible yet.

To select a distinct dataset you have to choose it on the map. When you click on it you see the meta information of the

respective dataset. On the bottom of this list you find two buttons. One to get a preview, and one to select the dataset.

Run your tools

You can run tools in the Workspace from the top bar.


Data Model

If you want to contribute, you'll have to ensure, that your meta-data fits

the V-FOR-WaTer data model. In practice this means, yu'll have to produce a

minimum amount of meta data and fit additional information into our scheme of

optional meta data.

Minimum Metadata Requirements

variables section to learn more

to learn more.

identifier for the used coordinate reference system (EPSG number)

Additionally, your meta data will be associated to at least one project. This

project has a name and will link the metadata entries by a hierarchical

domain structure. This is basically a hierarchical labeling for

structuring the data in a project specific way.

The metadata entries can also be grouped by different domains in different

ways by associating more than one project to them.

Optional Metadata

In addition, the following metadata can be stored in V-FOR-WaTer:

with thrid party versions of the same data.

* sensor_name, manufacturer, valid_until, last_configured,

documentation_url and comment

* site_name, elevation, rel_height (sensor height relative to the

elevation), orientation, slope, landuse, comment

*  soil_type, geology, porosity, field_capacity, residual_moisture


Only time series are available so far.

The following variables can be stored in V-FOR-WaTer.


The following license can be linked to the data so far: